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Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott

Behind the Brand is a show about innovators, entrepreneurs and the stories behind their success. It's like a backstage pass inside the minds, companies and lifestyles of some of the smartest and most interesting people on the planet.

Each episode, I talk with successful people from eclectic areas like those who build big businesses and brands, to athletes, celebrities, artists and more, so that YOU can learn their secrets. Prior guests include bestselling author Seth Godin, pro skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk, outspoken entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, journeyman actor Mike Rowe, The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, motivational coach, Tony Robbins, surfer and shark attack survivor, Bethany Hamilton and many more.

Jan 8, 2019

Join host Bryan Elliott Behind the IKONICK Brand and listen to the lessons of e-commerce success and personal branding with founders Jeff Cole and Mark Mastrandea. IKONICK has also recently partnered with Scooter Braun and Gary Vaynerchuck to take the company to the next level.

Jan 8, 2019

Host Bryan Elliott goes Behind the Brand with Melanie Whelan, CEO of Soul Cycle, who shares her experience building the iconic brand. Whelan began her career working in corporate development for Virgin America and Starwood. Prior to joining Soul Cycle, Whelan was vice president of business development for Equinox...

Jan 8, 2019

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Danny Meyer grew up in a family that loved great food and hospitality. Thanks to his father’s travel business, which designed custom European trips, Danny spent much of his childhood eating, visiting near and far-off places, and sowing the seeds for his future passion.

In 1985,...

Jan 8, 2019

Kendra Scott was just 19 years old when she started her first business, a hat shop. She was determined to succeed but ultimately had to close the business after 5 years. Soon after Scott started making custom jewelry to be able to be a mom and earn some money.

The little business took off and soon she was selling...

Jan 1, 2019

This might possibly be the last podcast on marketing you'll ever need...Seth Godin is a bestselling author, teacher and speaker. His new book, This is Marketing, is probably the first and last book you'll ever need to buy on marketing. Hope you enjoy this Behind the Brand look with Seth.